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Brain Storming

Brainstorming is widely adopted as a design method in the domain of software development. However, existing brainstorming literature has consistently proven group brainstorming to be ineffective under the controlled laboratory settings. Yet, electronic brainstorming systems informed by the results of these prior laboratory studies have failed to gain adoption in the field because of the lack of support for group well-being and member support. Therefore, there is a need to better understand brainstorming in the field in this work. “ Microsoft.”


In building JavaScript applications and solid infrastructure, I'm equipped with just the right tools, and can absolutely function independently of them to deliver fast, definitive solutions optimized for scale — performance and scalability are priorities on my radar.


I love working alongside an individual or a team to help identify strengths and areas for improvement. As a consultant it is my responsibility for a slew of things both inside the code and out. I can help with writing code, managing projects, creating stories, improving business processes, hosting iteration planning meetings, conveying the importance of paying down technical debt, playing QA/tester, and the list goes on.

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Who I am

Full-Stack JavaScript dev.

I am a Front-End Engineer that is passionate about solving problems, developing innovative products geared toward simplifying & Improving life. I am knowledgeable in client-side technologies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My markup is always semantic and accessible and can even navigate my way around any server-side application Built with nodeJs. I always build dynamic, reusable user interfaces and driven by a desire to work on technology with a purpose.I prefer gatherings where my cognitive, interpersonal relationship and competencies can be enhanced and effectively utilized to improve operations that contribute to the development of my community and my country as a whole.

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